Digital Documentation

At 3DCerts, we provide a hassle-free platform for organisations and institutions to issue tamper-proof documents to prevent fraudulent activities so as to ensure brand cre dibility and assurance to their clients and users. The application can be used across multiple sectors including Healthcare, Education, Retail and more.

  • Healthcare: Medical institutions such as Laboratories and Hospitals are able to issue tamper-proof digital health certs such as Covid-19 PCR tests, Serology tests and more to ease cross-border travels and job applications.
  • Education: Institutions will be able to issue academic certificates to graduating students to ensure their information and credentials will not be tampered and be accessible easily at anywhere and anytime.
  • Retail: Retailers who embrace digitalisation can make use of the technology to enhance brand equity by ensuring product authentication and product guarantee through digital certification.

Business Consultancy

Approach our team of expertise for consultancy services in exploring the application of Blockchain-enabled digital documentation in your business operations. Begin your digitalisation journey with a discussion on your business operations and visions with our team at 3DCerts.


3DCerts hopes to share more on Blockchain technology and its applications with organisations across various sectors with our carefully curated training masterclass. Check out this space regularly for the upcoming event dates.